DAY 1 - 33km - 1130m ascent

The race starts off at the main entrance to Umngazi and after 8km, we turn off onto single track which will bring us up to a district road. The route continues on district road for less than a km before it turns right and continues along a ridgeline before entering into a short forest section of single track. Once the route pops out of the forest section, it turns left onto district road. This district road will bring you toward PSJ airstrip through down to Second Beach. Once we pass the famous bottle store at Second Beach we start our climb into Silaka Nature Reserve. This climb is at least 2-3km on district, so keep some in the bag. Once out of the reserve, we use single track to come down to district road which will bring us to the most beautiful part of day 1, arguably the best of the event – Sugar Loaf. The single track is 4-5km long, before it brings you to the tar road that you started on taking a left down to the finish at the swimming pool.

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DAY 2 - 35km - 867m ascent

Day 2 route starts opposite the resort on the flood plains of the river. It starts with beautiful single track going upstream for a good 8km before we start the switchback climb out the valley. Once out the valley the route continues along dirt road before we turn left onto a single track section that overlooks the rolling rolls and the Umngazi river. This single track will bring us onto the new Umngazana tar road (previously district road).The route turns left along the tar for less than 1km before joining district road which will bring you to a beautiful jeep track section on the top of a ridgeline called - Amaprivate. The jeep track which brings you out at a soccer field near the ocean, is a scenic descent overlooking the majestic mangrove swamps of the Umngazana river. The route turns left at the soccer field and uses district road all the way to the house with a red roof with the barking dogs. It turns right, onto a ridgeline overlooking the Umngazi River before dropping down into the valley.

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DAY 3 - 34km - 741m ascent

The third and final day of racing starts off across river, we use the same start as day 2. The route continues up river and uses the amazing switch backs up out the valley. We continue with district road until we turn left onto the same insane single track used on day 2. Once out from the single track the route turns left on the tar for roughly 2km before turning left onto a proper descent of jeep and single track. This specific section of route is one of the newly opened tracks which has been added in the past few years to add some amazing downhill to the course. The track then leads through a fast paced singe track section along the Umngazana river which brings you up to the water table for the final day. The route turns right joining the newly tarred Umngazana river which will bring you to the CODESA district road. The route turns left along the district road bringing you to the Umngazana district. From here, its 4x4 jeep track to the Umngazana estuary. At this point there will be a couple of ferries to "ship" you and your bikes across the river and onto the beach. There is a 5km beach ride to the finish line- interrupted only by a small section of rock which participants will need to carry their bikes over. The tide should be low at the time of racing, so the sand should be pretty firm. You will then see the finish at the Umngazi River Mouth, where you can rest your weary legs.

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